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Jacob Sampson, a free man of color, represents that "he married Frankey Cross, the acknowledged & reputed child of Moses Cross," a free man of color. He further states that his said father-in-law died during the present year, "leaving no other child who is free, than the wife of your Petitioner -- Nor has the said Moses Cross, any relative who can inherit his estate." The petitioner is advised that the personal estate of said Cross "will pass & be vested in the Commonwealth, for the benefit of the President & Directors of the Literary Fund," thus depriving "his child & grandchildren of that which will be inconsiderable to the Commonwealth, but which will be of great consequence to them." Sampson therefore prays that the General Assembly "release to him & his wife, all the claim of the Commonwealth, to the undisposed of residuum of the estate of Moses Cross, after the payment of his just debts."

Result: Bill drawn.

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