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John G. Joynes represents that "at a meeting of the Overseers of the Poor ... held on the 6th day of June, 1825, an order was made by the said Overseers of the Poor that they would apprehend and sell one of those free negroes within their county who had been emancipated since the first day of May 1806 and had remained within this Commonwealth more than twelve months after their right to freedom had accrued." Joynes states that "in obedience to this order the said overseers of the poor actually made sale of eight of those free negroes residing in different parts of the said county of Accomack" and that "amongst these was a certain Jim Outten alias James Outten, who was purchased by a certain Littleton P. Henderson at the price of Fifty Dollars." He further recounts that said Outten sued and recovered his freedom and that said Henderson "instituted a suit ... against your petitioner for the purchase money of the said Jim Outten." Noting that "a judgment was thereupon rendered by the said court in favour of the plaintiff against your petitioner," Joynes therefore "believes that he has a well founded claim upon the justice of this Commonwealth for full and complete remuneration for the damages which he has sustained."

Result: Reasonable.

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