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Emma represents that Stephen Zell emancipated her husband Burk in 1817 and that "soon thereafter your petitioner was purchased from the said Zell, by her said Husband." She further states that she and her husband "lived as free persons ... and were so living when the said Burk died in the year 1837." Emma notes that "at the time of his death your petitioner was no doubt the slave of the said Burk, and as such, constituted a part of his estate." Admitting that she "is far advanced in life, and who as a slave, would now be comparatively valueless," the petitioner is aware that "his little property under the laws of the Commonwealth, escheated to the Literary fund of the State." Emma therefore prays "that a law may be passed relinquishing in her favour the claim of the Commonwealth or of the literary fund of the state, to the estate of her said deceased husband."

Result: Bill drawn.

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