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Nelson Tinsley represents that, "with a view to a permanent settlement, he sent to the State of Missouri, sometime in the fall of 1839 in charge of his son William H. Tinsley sundry slaves." The petitioner discloses that his son has died and that, due to "the unhealthiness of the climate and other causes," he has "abandoned all idea of removing himself to the state of Missouri." Tinsley states that said slaves "were either given to him by his father or raised by himself and for whom he has a more than ordinary attachment" and that "he is desirous to bring them back to Virginia." Aware that "the existing laws of the Commonwealth" prevent his ability to do so, the petitioner prays "of your honourable body the passage of such a law ... as will enable him to bring back from the state of Missouri to the state of Virginia the slaves."

Result: Referred to committee for courts of justice.

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