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Forty-eight residents of Accomack County ask that Peter Snead, emancipated by Tully Snead's will, be permitted to remain in Virginia. Believing that Peter "is liable to be apprehended and sold by the overseers of the poor," the petitioners point out that the free man of color "is now about fifty years of age and has a large family of helpless children to support which it would be impossible for him to do, if compelled at this advanced age to go to a cold and inhospitable climate where he must suffer for the means of support." They further assert that Snead "is a man of unexceptionable character, an industrious honest and worthy Citizen." The petitioners therefore "pray that your honourable bodies will pass a law permitting (Peter Snead) to remain and spend the remainder of his days in his native land."

Result: Referred to committee for courts of justice.

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