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Edmund Lee, administrator of the late James W. Strider, asks that two slaves held by his intestate’s estate be freed. Lee states that the said Strider purchased James Munroe and his wife Patsy in 1848 “with the purpose of emancipating them when they should be enabled from their hire ... earnings or by contributions from the benevolent to refund the purchase money.” He further reports that “Strider having been thrown from his horse was suddenly killed, and had never emancipated the said slaves who are now prepared to refund the Balance of the purchase money and interest.” Noting that the said Strider died “considerably embarrassed,” Lee fears that “his slaves will probably have to be sold and among them the persons above mentioned unless the Legislature sees proper to interfere in their behalf.” The petitioner attests that James and Patsy “are well known as persons of good character, sober, orderly and industrious, and your memorialist considers that in making this application he is but carrying out the humane purposes of this intestate.”

Result: Referred to committee for courts of justice.

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