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Civill Kornegay, age sixty-three, asks the court to remove her brother, Daniel, as trustee of her property and appoint her son, Barney Kornegay, to replace him. She states that when she married John Kornegay in 1782, her father, George Kornegay, refused to give the couple any property because of John's drinking and dissipated habits. Although he would lend them a slave named Easter from time to time, George Kornegay would take Easter back on a regular basis to emphasize that he remained her owner. In George's will dated 1808, Civill and John inherited "Easter and all her children and one boy named Jack during my life: & then my will & desire is that said negroes be under the care of my son Daniel and the profits arising from them be applied to the support of the said Sivill during her life and after her decease the whole of said negroes to be equally divided among her children." Some two years after George's death, Civill and John moved from North Carolina to Tennessee. Daniel, the trustee, refused to permit the slaves to be moved from North Carolina until John Ward, John Kornegay's brother-in-law, agreed to assume responsibility for the slaves. In 1819, Civill and her family moved to Bibb County, Alabama, where her husband died intestate in 1823. She charges that some eight to ten years before, her husband sold the slaves to John Ward without her authorization, though both men knew he had no right to do so. Civill states that she is "in great need of the property" but that Daniel "refuses to interpose his authority as a Trustee" on her behalf. Therefore, Civill seeks to remove her brother, Daniel Kornegay, as trustee and replace him with her son, Barney Kornegay.

Result: Granted.

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