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In a previous petition, William Tylor asked the court for an injunction to prevent the county sheriff from delivering four slaves, currently in custody in the jail, to William Roy. Tylor had accused Roy of stealing the bill of sale showing Tylor's rightful ownership of the slaves, and when confronted, Roy attempted to remove the slaves from the county. Tylor now appears in court stating that the slaves were released to Roy by law of replevy before the injunction was issued. Tylor further states that "a part of the slaves aforementioned have been sold or disposed of to one John H. Thorington and part to one William Hadnot." Since Roy is still insolvent, Tylor still fears that the slaves "will be removed beyond the Jurisdiction of this court," and beyond the reach of the petitioner. Tylor therefore asks that the defendants be served with a summons requiring them to "answer all the matters & things in this Bill of Complaint," and to have an injunction issued to take possession of the slaves until a final decision is made.

Result: Reversed; annulled; dismissed.

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