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Nancy Clay states "that in consequence of the cruel treatment of her husband, Thomas Clay," she was forced to abandon the marriage. Before leaving, Nancy entered with her husband "into articles of separation," which stipulated that Thomas agreed "to divide his property, real and personal," giving her "a deed in fee for one third of the land, & title to one third of his whole personal property," for her use. Thomas recently moved to Tennessee, taking with him ten of the slaves. In addition, he tried to sell all the land to William Hayter. Hayter, claiming ownership of the land, initiated and won a suit for "action of forcible entry & detainer" to remove Nancy, who still resides on a portion of a land sold to him. She seeks an injunction to prevent Hayter from evicting her and to recover from her husband her share of the real and personal property in his possession.

Result: Dismissed.

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