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John N. Smith seeks to settle a title dispute involving four slaves purchased by him in 1836 from Thomas W. Pastell. The petitioner, "not having any reason to suspect a fraudulent intent" purchased the slaves for $4800. Shortly after the sale, Smith discovered that the slaves belonged to Charles Williams in trust for a Mrs. Mary W. Pastell and her children. Smith refuses to pay the balance of the debt for the slaves until he receives legal title. He charges that Thomas Pastell and Mary Pastell gave him an invalid deed in order to obtain payment. Now Mary Pastell has initiated a suit against Smith to force payment of the debt. Smith seeks an injunction preventing her from further prosecuting her suit. In addition, he asks the court to nullify the debt until he receives a lawful title to the slaves.

Result: Dismissed.

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Repository: Lowndes County Courthouse, Hayneville, Alabama