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Michael Wright asks the court not to execute a previous judgment against him in the matter of payment for slaves he purchased from Ezekiel Salmon and Zera Davis. Wright says that in 1837, he paid the two men three thousand dollars for four slaves: "a negro boy slave named Dave, a negro boy slave named Jack and a negro woman slave Mariah and her child." Wright says Salmon and Davis "falsely and fraudulently represented to your orator that the said negroes ... were sound in body and in mind and entirely free & exempt from any disease or ailment whatever," and states that Mariah and Dave "are and were at the time of said sale diseased and wholly worthless and of no value." Wright refused to pay the remaining balance, and the defendants successfully sued him. The petitioner pleads that his lawyer was negligent in his defense and seeks an injunction preventing Salmon and Davis from carrying out the judgment, believing "that in equity and conscience they ought not to have or demand to have from your orator anything more than the said fifteen hundred dollars already paid ... the said sum being of the full value of the said negroes in their diseased condition."

Result: Dismissed.

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