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Joshua Cain seeks to protect his interest in the slave Sally and her children whom he purchased from John Stubblefield, his son-in-law, on 18 April 1839. Cain states that at the time of the purchase, he left the slaves in Stubblefield's possession to take care of his daughter, who was in ill health. After her death, Cain took possession of the slaves and has had them ever since. In May of 1840 Stubblefield's father petitioned the circuit court for the recovery of the slaves -- based on his claim to a life estate in the slaves -- and a jury rendered a verdict against Cain, assessing him "an aggregate of two thousand dollars and one cent damages for the detention of the same [slaves]." The value includes not only Sally and her two daughters whom Cain purchased from William Stubblefield in 1839, but also another child of Sally, whose named is now known, valued at $250. Cain asks that his interest in the slaves be affirmed and that Stubblefield be restrained from taking possession of the slaves.

Result: Dismissed; appealed.

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