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Mark Jackson petitions to foreclose on a mortgage extended by him to Samuel Gamble. Jackson claims the mortgage deed granted unto him, his heirs and assignees certain slaves "to have & to hold" unless Gamble paid him $1603, the amount of a promissory note on its due date. Jackson testifies that Gamble "has not well and truly paid" the debt and asks the court to order him to pay "what is now due on the said mortgage deed together with your Orator's costs of suit ... and in default of such payment ... that the said Samuel D. Gamble ... be barred and foreclosed of and from all right and equity of redemption in said mortgaged property." In addition, Jackson requests that the mortgaged slave property be sold for the payment of what may appear to be "due to your Orator on said promissory note and mortgage deed."

Result: Granted.

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