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William D. Hill, a widower, seeks to dissolve his one-year marriage to Margaret Hill, also a widow and formerly known as Margaret Pace. William Hill states that Margaret "conducted herself with some propriety" during the first two months of the marriage. Shortly thereafter, he explains, he noted "an important change in her deportment" and "she became regardless of all her duties as a wife and forgetful of the common decencies of her sex." William charges that "the said Margaret continued to grow more violent and disorderly in her daily conduct, until at length, her life was one continued practice of extreme cruelty upon your Orator and his children." In January 1842, Margaret left and moved to Mississippi. William cites that he "has a large family of children and but little other property than the tract of land upon which he resides." He seeks a divorce, fearing that "his pecuniary condition will be much injured by his connection with the said Margaret," since the slave formerly owned by his wife is now a subject of litigation among her family members.

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