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The petitioners, Felix Stanley and William Blount, seek to settle a title dispute arising from a loan made by them to John Davis secured by "deed of trust or mortgage with power of sale on three negroes, slaves for life." The mortgage also covered a tract of land owned by Davis, who died before he could repay the note. The petitioners report that they are unable to receive a valid title to the land because John Freeman claimed title based on another deed of trust. Freeman has forcibly taken possession of the land, the dwelling house, and the crops and livestock. In addition, the petitioners fear Freeman "is committing waste on said land," resulting in "their security ... becoming more precarious." Stanley and Blount seek to "have the title to said land perfected" so that the mortgaged property, while it still has value, can be foreclosed and sold. Until such a decree, the petitioners ask that the land be leased and that Freeman account "for the rents and profits of said land" since it has been in his possession. The loan advanced by Stanley and Blount to John Davis was to pay a prior debt of $1875 to one Edward Bangle, for which debt Davis had mortgaged two of his slaves, Dilsey and Mahala. Stanley and Blount advanced the money to Davis in order to prevent the sale of the two slaves who had been seized and advertised for sale when Davis failed to pay the debt.

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