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Nathaniel Waldrip, grandson of George Grizzle, is petitioning for his share of slaves left by Grizzle in trust to his son-in-law Hillen Waldrip for the use and benefit of three grandchildren. The slaves included John, age eighteen, Matilda, age twenty or twenty-one, Osbourn, about two, and Leer, a girl about twenty months, as well as the future increase of the females. When the grandchildren reached twenty-one they were each to receive a share of the property. Grizzle also gave his granddaughter Sarah Ann a slave named Catherine, age fifteen, in the same trust. Following the deaths of Grizzle, of his daughter Sophia, wife of Hillen Waldrip, and of his granddaughter Sarah Ann, Hillen Waldrip sold Osbourn for $575, swapped Matilda and her two children for a slave named William plus two hundred dollars, and sold Leer for seven hundred dollars. In 1843, Nathaniel reached age twenty-one, and demanded his share of the property. Hillen refused and Nathaniel is suing for a division of the remaining slaves: John, Catherine and her three children Viney, Martha and Hillen, Matilda's children Jefferson and Elizabeth, and William.

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