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In 1843, Arnett W. Harrell placed five slaves in trust with Augustus Brooks for the children of the late John F. Everitt. The gift was made "in consideration of the friendship and kindness" Arnett "had experienced at the hands of" John Everitt during his lifetime. The trust also contained real estate and the trustee was instructed to "husband said property for the sole use and benefit" of the children, John Fannin Everitt and his siblings, Margaret, Helen, and Fanny. In 1844, his widow, Ann B. Everitt, died leaving a separate estate, including Slade's Plantation in Washington County and ten slaves. When Brooks resigned and John Rolston was appointed trustee. Now John Fannin Everitt explains that the estate "is not sufficient to maintain and educate him and his sisters in a proper and respectable Manner." He asks that Rolston be removed from his "office of guardian & trustee," that the estate be divided among the minor heirs, and that guardians be appointed for each of them. John Fannin Everitt points out that the slaves are badly managed and, as a result, are insubordinate, and addicted to running away and intemperance.

Result: Granted.

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