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In 1840, Mary A. Harris and Henry Trippe of Perry County, Alabama, signed a prenuptial agreement; the wife would keep as her "sole and separate property and estate" a large amount of property, including thirty-four slaves, mules, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, plantation tools and wagons, household and kitchen furniture, and several tracts of land containing about 640 acres. In 1843, Mary A. Trippe deeded her slaves to William F. and Martha F. Trippe, minors, Henry's children by a previous marriage. The husband died in 1843, and Mary in 1845. When Joseph R. John, administrator of Mary's estate, refuses to give up the slaves, the children, by their next friend John D. Catlin of Marengo County, sue. In 1854, the slaves are divided into three lots among William and Martha Trippe, and Joseph R. John.

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