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In his 1837 will, South Carolina slave owner John Graham bequeathed a slave family--Simon, Minda and their four children, Eliza, Jim, Sally, and Hannah--to his son Samuel N. Graham during his lifetime and then to his grandchildren, including any "increase of the negroes." Graham died in 1837, and a few years later Samuel moved with the slaves to Alabama where Minda had several more children. The son sold Simon and Minda along with two of Minda's children born after the bequest to George Shackelford of Montgomery County. After the sale, Minda had three more children. Shackelford died in 1851 and the slaves, now worth about three thousand dollars, were to be distributed to his legatees. The grandchildren of John Graham sue, claiming title to the slaves and declaring that Samuel Graham did not have the right to sell them under the terms of John Graham's will.

Result: Granted.

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