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In 1841, Tennessee slave owner James Pitman, of Roane County, gave his grandchildren, William and Sarah Lamira Pitman, two slaves: Lyshia, about twenty-five, and her small child Patsey. The slave Lyshia has since the gift given birth to three more children: Benjamin Franklin, Oliver Cromwell, and Governor Daniel, "all of whom are boys and very young." William and Sarah Pitman live in Alabama, and both their father and mother are dead. Sarah has now come of age and William, still a minor, must be educated. The petitioner, who is William's guardian represents that funds are needed for William's education and there is no other property to be used for that purpose. He therefore seeks permission of the court to sell the slaves.

Result: Granted pro confesso.

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Repository: Tallapoosa County Courthouse, Dadeville, Alabama