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In 1847, Josiah Barney purchased eleven slaves from the estate of S. G. Fisher, deceased, paying $5,642.29, partly in cash and partly with a loan. The slaves, or some of them, had been part of the estate of the late George W. Owen, Barney's father-in-law, and they had been sold by the estate's administrators. Barney purchased the slaves back after Fisher's death in order to save them for Owen's children. During the next few years Barney "made payments upon the debt for the purchase money, but not to so large an amount as the sum he had collected for hire." After his death, two creditors, Charles Latham and Louis Francois Ponchet, sued his estate for the unpaid loan they had made for the purchase of the slaves. They won their suit and one of the slaves, Albert, was sold. Still, a large portion of the debt remained. In 1853, Owen's children bring suit against the administrator of Barney's estate so that they can receive payments for the hire of the slaves and "apply the payments to the lien and decree still existing against the said negro slaves." They also seek a distribution of the slave property, if necessary by selling the slaves.

Result: Granted.

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