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In 1844, Samuel Strudwick of Marengo County and Frederick P. Ravesies conveyed to John T. Lomax, in trust for the "sole and separate use" of Isabella Ravesies and her children three slaves: Jane, age sixteen, Cynthia, age thirty-five, and Paul. Isabella is Samuel Strudwick's daughter and Frederick P. Ravesies's wife. Lomax was given the power to "exchange said negroes or any of them for other property." In 1849, Strudwick conveyed in like manner "a negro woman named Winney" about thirty-eight years old. With Isabella's consent, Lomax exchanged Cynthia for the slave Leah and her child Harriet, and conducted other business as trustee. Now he has moved to Marengo County, and is unable to discharge his duties "without incurring such trouble, Expense and responsibility as he is unwilling to incur." He asks to be discharged from his duties.

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