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John Moss was the owner of a slave named Collin, deemed $600 in value. The defendant, Raphael Wheeler, owned a slave named Ben, whom he described as being twenty-six years of age, "a faithfull Negroe," a brick layor and a "Carpinter" who "could also make shoes" and be hired out for $250 a year. Wheeler convinced Moss "to Exchange Negroes with him." Moss discovered after the exchange that Ben was "addicted to running away" and that he did not possess the skills that Wheeler promised. According to Moss, Ben also turned out to be closer to forty than twenty-six. Moss states that he was unable to hire Ben out because he "was worth nothing." Thus, Moss claims fraud and sues for $600 in damages.

Result: Partially granted.

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Repository: Wilkes County Courthouse, Washington, Georgia