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To secure his sister Sarah Shipman's maintenance, James Bradshaw executed a deed of trust for five slaves and appointed Abraham Long as trustee. Shipman was to "enjoy use and to have the benefit of sd. slaves during her natural life." As trustee, Long was authorized to sell one or two of the slaves, but only in order to purchase land or a residence for Shipman. Shipman claims that Long exchanged the slave Lorie for another slave, receiving $50 as the difference in their value, and that he sold Mary and Patsey, but that he kept all these profits for his own use. She charges that Long and the remaining slaves are now in Louisville, and that he intends to "carry them away or dispose of them so as utterly to defeat the purpose of the Trust." Shipman asks that the slaves be returned to her or another person appointed by the court unless Long posts bond, that he be compelled to account for the proceeds from the slaves' hire, and that another trustee be appointed to replace him.

Result: Dismissed.

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