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William Dorsey states that upon arriving in Kentucky from Maryland, he was "in immediate need of a riding horse for the purpose of exploring the country to enable him to select a farm." He traded a six-year-old slave named Charlotte and a saddle for a horse owned by Charles Sands. Although Sands assured him the horse was only five years old and healthy, Dorsey has since been informed that the horse is eight or nine "hipshot in one of his hips ... and a ridgling having been but half gelded & very unruly in the presence of mares which part was entirely & fraudulently concealed from your orator." Sands has refused to take the horse back, and Dorsey fears he will sell Charlotte, as Sands has "declared that he will (in his own words) 'very soon put her in his pocket.'" Dorsey has commenced an action at law for the recovery of the girl. He asks this court to issue an injunction restraining Sands from selling the girl and requiring him to give security that she will be present when the case is heard, and that finally the court will decree the contract be rescinded.

Result: Granted.

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