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On 21 September 1820, Sarah and Cager Etherington traded a black slave named Charles to Samuel and John W. Moore for twenty-six acres of land. Sarah Etherington says that her husband Cager fraudulently transferred the land to his mother Ann Mitchell on the same day they obtained it, but she and her children only discovered this fact recently. Sarah also claims that her husband "has been treating your Oratrix Sarah very cruelly, by the instigation and connivance of Said Mrs. Ann Mitchell." A few days ago, he and his mother left, having sold practically everything, including "her & her childrens cloathing except a few articles." She asks for an injunction to stop the defendants from interfering with any of the property, that it be awarded to her for her and her family's support, and that her husband be prevented from taking or contracting away any of her children.

Result: Dismissed.

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