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Henry C. Moore died in August 1832, leaving a widow and son, who has since died, as his only heirs. Moore's considerable estate consisted of land, slaves, and personal property. Moore's siblings, who are the petitioners, contest Henry's will. They state that on 24 May 1832, "Henry C. Moore was not of sound mind but was in a state of mental derangement which rendered him totally incapable of disposing of his property by will or of transacting business of any kind." Moore's siblings state that the Justices of the Harrison County Court claim his estate under the pretended will as "Trustees for the poor orphans of Harrison County." The petitioners claim that they are the rightful heirs at law and name twenty-three justices of the peace and others as defendants. The petitioners request a jury trial to determine the validity of the will, and seek a decree to set aside the will and declare it null and void.

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