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Permelia Russell, free woman of color, seeks a divorce from Willis, a former slave who was freed after the death of his owner, Robert Craddock. Permelia states Willis behaves towards her in a cruel and inhuman manner. After a two-week visit with her mother in Louisville, "she returned home, and to her great surprise found that the Deft had rented out their residence to a white family," and he "left [their furniture and clothing] in charge of the family." Permelia charges that the family refused to let her collect her possessions. She states Willis holds "about five thousand dollars worth of property," consisting of a house and lot in Danville, KY, worth $1,500; land in Casey, KY, worth $2,000; and other property worth $1,500. Permelia seeks alimony and support from Willis. [Five people gave depositions wherein they testified that they had lived with the Russells, were neighbors of the Russells, or had known one or both of them for a long period time. For these reasons, it was presumed that these individuals were free people of color.]

Result: Dismissed.

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