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Thomas Simmons, a man of color, claims to have been illegally held in slavery for three years by one Robert H. Mc Nair. Simmons represents that he was lawfully emancipated in Kentucky by the "last will and testament of Joseph McMurtrie;" a fact he alleges to be well known by McNair. Simmons avers that the value of his services during three years of bondage is worth a total $1,260, based on a rate of $35 per month. Simmons expresses his fear that McNair "will molest & hinder him in the prosecution of this suit,” transport him beyond the power and jurisdiction of the present court, and sell him. He therefore prays to be decreed “free and restored to the enjoyment of his liberty," and to be "held in the custody of the Sheriff during the prosecution of this suit." He also asks to be allowed to sue McNair "in forma pauperis."

Result: Granted; appealed; upheld.

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