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Louis Derbanne states that his land is being illegally claimed by Francois Metoyer, a free man of color. Derbanne asserts that, in 1801, he purchased a five arpent tract of land at the head of the Cane River from Marguerite, "a free negress." Marguerite had held the land since 1788, when Spanish Colonial Governor Esteban Rodriguez Miro y Sabater "conceded" it to her. Derbanne now asserts that Metoyer "sets up a claim and gives out in speeches that he is the true & legal owner of a portion of the said five arpents front, thereby slandering the title of your petitioner." Derbanne prays that Metoyer pay him $500 in damages and that he be permanently enjoined "from laying claim to any portion of said five arpents front, or in any manner disturbing the plaintiff in his rights thereto."

Result: Found for defendant.

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Repository: Natchitoches Parish Courthouse, Natchitoches, Louisiana