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William Kincaid and his wife, Nancy Tinsley Kincaid, free people of color, petition to get payment from the sheriff in a case involving a runaway slave. The Kincaids represent that, earlier in the year, a court order directed the sheriff, Frederick Buisson, to seize and sell a slave named Antoine, who had been mortgaged to them by Manuel Fleret and Virgile Perry as security on a debt. The Kincaids contend, however, that Buisson exhibited such gross negligence in the execution of his duties that he “suffered” Antoine to run away. Three months have elapsed and Antoine has not been found; he is presumed to have left the state. The Kincaids therefore pray for an order condemning Buisson to pay them $2,000 to cover the writing-off of the debt plus expenses. Related testimony reveals that Antoine may have drowned in the swamp while attempting to escape.

Result: Set aside.

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