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Weyman Ingledove seeks to collect wages owed him by Antoine Lacour, alias "Reziste," a free man of color. Ingledove states that Lacour hired him, in April 1838, by a written contract that has since been "accidentally destroyed," to act as a "Labourer and overseer" on his plantation. He further informs the court that he came to within fifteen days of completing the contract when Lacour, "by threats and violence," drove him "from his said Plantation and forbid his return thereto." Ingledove prays that the court order Lacour to pay $200 for his salary. A related testimony reveals that Lacour has talked about selling his plantation and slaves, and moving to France where "he would be admitted to the rights of a Negro and dine with Louis Philippe where he intended to Live and where men of his Color were admitted as Generals in the Armies."

Result: Partially granted; appealed; reversed.

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Repository: Iberville Parish Courthouse, Plaquemine, Louisiana