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Pierre St. Luc Ricard, a free man of color of the parish of West Baton Rouge, seeks compensation for the loss of a slave. Ricard claims that his slave James died "in consequence of the carelessness negligence & want of skill of the Captain & other officers having command of the steam Boat John Linton in her trip from New Orleans to Red River." According to Ricard, James was aboard a ferry flat boat when the steam boat ran into it near the Western shore of the Mississippi in the parish of West Baton Rouge. James was thrown from the boat and immediately drowned. Ricard asserts that James was worth the sum of $2,000. He prays that the captain of the boat, Peter Frank Kimball whom he erroneously calls D. T. Kimball, and Edward H. Satterfield, the man he believes to be an owner, be held responsible for the death of his slave. He asks the court to order the defendants to pay him the sum of $2,000 plus $30 per month for the loss of James's services.

Result: Granted; appealed.

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