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James A. Lusk seeks compensation for the disappearance of his slave named Dennis. Lusk represents that, in late May or early June 1847, he hired out Dennis as a servant or cabin waiter to John C. Snow, captain of the steam boat J. M. White. Dennis continued serving Snow until the J. M. White was “laid up” for the season at St. Louis in the state of Missouri. Lusk now contends that Snow discharged Dennis in St. Louis, “without care or protection,” and Dennis disappeared, never to be found. Lusk therefore seeks compensation from Snow in the amount of $800, which represents the value of his slave, $18 per month for the slave’s wages from the 1st of June 1847 to the 1st of November 1848, and another $18 for each and every month that Snow refuses to pay.

Result: Denied; called in warranty; call in warranty granted; call in warranty excepted; call in warranty appealed; call in warranty reversed.

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