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Euphémie, a woman of color also called Mimie, seeks to recover her freedom. Euphémie represents that she, her mother, and her two sisters were formerly the property of the late Joseph Bernard. During his lifetime, Bernard took the three women to Cincinnati, Ohio, where in 1835 he legally emancipated them. Bernard and the three women then went to St. Louis, where in 1836 Bernard took steps to ensure the validity of the deed of emancipation. Euphémie contends that she and her family lived free “publicly and openly” from 1835 until 1847, with the knowledge of Bernard’s heirs. In 1847, she was sold back into slavery by one Théodule Mollère at the instance of Bernard’s heirs. She is now in the possession of Clément Dehon, who, a related document reveals, was the 1847 purchaser. Euphémie seeks an order declaring her free and commanding Dehon to pay compensation for her services at the rate of $180 per year until she is restored to liberty. A related petition describes Euphémie's mother, Melite, and her three daughters as "mulatto" women.

Result: Granted.

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Repository: Iberville Parish Courthouse, Plaquemine, Louisiana