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Celestine Dejoua, a free woman of color, seeks to collect wages earned by her minor son. Dejoua's sixteen-year-old son, Constan Dejoua, called "Major," worked "at the special request of Captain and Steward on board of [the] Steam boat 'Osceola' in the capacity of second Cook, for and during two months" in 1859; thereafter, Constan served on the ship for another nine months as "Cook and Pastry Cook." Celestine asserts that her son was never paid his wages, which would amount to $510. She prays for the court's assistance in collecting the wages from the boat's captain and owners. She asserts that the nature of her claim entitles her "to a lien and privilege on the Steam Boat 'Osceola' her furniture tackle and apparel to secure the payment of the" wages. However, Dejoua fears that the boat will be removed from the court's jurisdiction before she can collect her debt. In consequence, she prays for a writ of seizure to issue against the boat.

Result: Granted; appealed; partially upheld.

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