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The heirs of Charles Carroll of Carrollton explain that he died on 14 November 1832 leaving "a very large personal estate consisting of stocks in several banks, and incorporated companies" and "a great number of negro slaves, horses, cattle, farming utensils, grain & other valuable articles." Carroll's will has been bogged down in probate and the estate is not settled. The petitioners, who "constitute a large majority of the legatees and representatives of the said Charles Carroll of Carrollton," complain that "the said negro slaves, and stock of horses, cattle, grain farming utensils &c &c are so situated that unless they are taken, at once, in the charge of some person or persons ... they must be greatly wasted, injured and diminished in value, to the irreparable injury & loss of all who are interested in them." They ask the court to appoint Charles Carroll of Homewood and Charles Carroll Harper as collectors for the estate. Related depositions reveal extensive details about the daily operations and management of a large plantation with many slaves.

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