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Catharine Prout is the widow of William Prout and the executrix of his estate. She states that "a Decree was rendered against her" in a case brought by Ellen Greenwood and others. According to this decree, Prout is to pay the sum of $120, which is purported to be "the amount of rents of certain trust property ... collected by the said William Prout in his lifetime." Catharine claims that William collected only $40 in rent from said property, "which she is ready and willing to pay to the said Trustee." The petitioner asks "your Honor to open and review the Said Decree" and to allow her to provide "competent & sufficient proof" that she should pay the smaller amount of rent. In a supplemental petition, Judith Lee, who has been accused of taking more than her share of profits due the Colored Female Benevolent Society of Baltimore, defends her course of action since being subpoenaed to answer the charges. Lee explains that she engaged Randle H. Moale, Esquire, as her legal representative. Moale agreed to a sale of the property without notifying her of the time and place of the sale, preventing her from bidding on the property. Lee claims that she was also unaware that a decree had been issued ordering Lee and her husband to compensate the Society for the rents of the building. The Lees agree that the Society should receive the rent money, but claim that, as superintendents of the property, they have expended a far greater sum than the rents they have collected. They ask that execution of the decree against them be enjoined until the accounts of the Society can be reviewed.

Result: Granted.

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