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On 9 August 1854, the court bound fourteen-year-old William Reilly, an orphaned free person of color, to John Herbert as an indentured apprentice. Herbert says that he faithfully fulfilled his obligations as master until about 17 June 1858. At that time, Reilly ran away and "secreted from him until a few days ago." After great "exertion, trouble & expense," amounting to about $81.00, Herbert reclaimed Reilly. Herbert petitions the court to extend Reilly's term of service to compensate him for his losses. Reilly alleges in his answer that Herbert has not fulfilled his obligation to teach him the "trade of a waiter," nor has he compensated Reilly's mother in full for Reilly's services. Reilly reminds the court that "the obligation of the parties and their rights are mutual and reciprocal," and "because of his having been put into employment entirely different from that provided for by the contract," he asks the court to cancel the indenture.

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