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Adalade Kidd states that she entered into an agreement with Joshua Joiner and Benjamin Porter to share the labor and cost of operating a plantation and that "at the close of each year the whole number of slaves were to be estimated and the expences and proceeds of the crop divided between said Porter, Joiner and your oratrix, in proportion to the number of hands put in the plantation by each." She further avers that said agreement stipulated that Joiner would control and oversee the operation of the plantation. With the dissolution of the partnership in 1843, Kidd claims that Joiner refuses to hand over her just portion of the profits. She therefore prays that "Joiner may be compelled to account to your oratrix for her proportion so unjustly detained from her and that an account may be taken and that the said Joshua Joiner may be compelled to pay over to your oratrix the amount that shall be found due."

Result: Granted.

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Repository: Noxubee County Courthouse, Macon, Mississippi