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Louisa, "a woman of colour," reports that she was once "owned and possessed as a slave by Mount St. Mary's College" in Maryland. She further relates that the college was at that time indebted to one Francis B. Jamison, "the former President thereof." Louisa asserts that Jamison and the college agreed that she would serve him for five years and then be given her freedom. She informs the court that said agreement "was entered in writing upon the books of the said College;" however, she cites that "she was further informed by the Sisters of Charity that the said books had been burned and destroyed or so defaced that no record of that date could be found." The petitioner represents that, despite having moved to Missouri, the said Jamison "has continued to claim and hold her, and now claims her as a slave." Louisa therefore "prays for leave to sue as a poor person in order to establish her right to freedom."

Result: Granted.

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