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Edmond Morgan Roach asks the court to compel James Adams and Jane Roach, executors with Edmond of the last will and testament of Simeon Roach, to account with him for his portion of the estate. Simeon Roach, Edmond's father and Jane's husband, bequeathed to his wife and two children his landed estate and certain slaves in his 1807 will. Edmond was to receive a slave named Beck, provided that she need not be sold to offset the estate's debts. He complains that his mother and Adams have dominated the executorial duties, selling estate property and pocketing the proceeds themselves. They now wish to sell Beck, which Edmond opposes. He claims that his father's estate is already deeply indebted to him, owing him for crops and livestock when he acted as overseer on his father's place, but that Adams and Roach will not accept his account of the estate's indebtedness. He asks the court to intervene in the dispute and to order that the property be equitably divided.

Result: Partially granted.

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