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Bastid Delacombe seeks a perpetual injunction against Bernard Pradere and his wife. He recounts that a certain Madame Pradere of Port au Prince, by her husband, Bernard Pradere, assigned him a slave named St. Louis and "that he accordingly got possession of the said boy and brought him out to New York with him and afterwards came to Charleston." He further submits that "he sold the said boy for $235.00 finding him to be a source of trouble and vexation, more especially as he had attempted to hang himself." The petitioner now avers that the said Bernard has "laid claim" to St. Louis, alleging that the "bill of sale tho' absolute and unconditional on its face was only a power of attorney." Asserting that said bill was not a "defeasible instrument," Delacombe notes that the Praderes brought suit and that the court rendered a judgment against him, resulting in the seizure of "a certain Negro boy named J. Baptiste." He therefore prays that an injunction may issue to the Praderes, "commanding and enjoining them ... to desist and refrain from any further proceedings under the aforementioned Judgment and Execution," and that said injunction may be decreed "perpetual."

Result: Denied.

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