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Charles Bell and Hugh Montgomery, executors of William Bell Sr., petitioned the court to permit the sale of "a negro woman named Bina & her three children Bob, Randolph, & Nathan ... in order to make partition among the several persons entitled to shares in said slaves." The court so ordered that the family of slaves "be sold by the commissioner of this court, before the Court House door in Winnsborough ... on the first Monday in October next." It further decreed that "the proceeds of the sale of said slaves be divided among the several tenants in common, according & in proportion to their several interests in said Slaves; that is to say -- to said Charles Bell two fifths thereof, to William Robertson & Mary his wife, one fifth part thereof, & to Andrew McGill & Nancy McGill each one fifth part thereof." The docket page reveals that Charles Bell purchased said slaves on 4 October 1830 for $900. [The petition of Charles Bell and Hugh Montgomery is not in the Project's collection.]

Result: Granted.

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Repository: South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina