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Samuel Davidson, executor of the will of the late Jacob Crosswhite, seeks the court's assistance in transferring property in the possession of Jacob's "principal legatee," William Crosswhite, to William's son, John Bobo Crosswhite. Davidson explains that his testator's will devised a life estate in his land and slaves to his son, William, and reserved a remainder interest in the property to William's children. Before his recent death, William Crosswhite employed his own slaves and hired others to cultivate crops on land that he inherited from his father. Davidson now complains that William made "a very inadequate provision for the payment of his debts." He informs the court that he and William's executor, John Boazman, "best agreed to let the hands remain on the plantation and work them together" under the supervision of overseer Mr. Stillwell. Davidson now asks the court to order a division of "the crop now growing upon the lands" between the estates of Jacob and William Crosswhite. He also asks the court to determine "out of what funds the debts" of William Crosswhite are to be paid if there is a "deficiency" in Boazman's hands at the end of the growing season.

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