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John Sargent sues the Executive Committee of the American Anti-Slavery Society "as well for and in the Rights and behalf of the said State and the good people thereof as for himself in his own Right." Sargent informs the court that various people, particularly the ten members of the Society's executive committee, are spreading anti-slavery materials throughout the United States, particularly in South Carolina. He argues that these publications are for the "notorious purpose of Causing, procuring & producing an Insurrection and Open Rebellion within the said United States & particularly in the said state of South Carolina of the Black & other coloured slaves thereof." Sargent presents various anti-slavery arguments and legal claims, as well as his rebuttals. Among other arguments, he asserts that slavery "is not inconsistent with the Christian Religion but Universally recognized by all the Apostles thereof as founded Upon the Grand Principle of Equity and Justice, & the right of Property held from time immemorial and thus become prescriptive." He concludes by asking the court to confiscate any of the defendants' property within the state to compensate the state and citizens of South Carolina for any losses caused by the society's publications. He also wants to prevent citizens from corresponding or communicating with the defendants.

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