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Alexander McDonald and Martin Roddy, executors of the will of the late John Brady, "crave the instruction of this Honorable Court" in carrying out their testator's wishes. Brady's will made numerous specific bequests and directed his executors to sell his real and personal estate "for cash." He also stipulated that they sell his slaves "to masters they may themselves choose even at a reduced price." The petitioners inform the court that they are "anxious and willing to settle the affairs of the said Testator," but that "the demands of those who are claiming as Legatees under the will ... would as they are advised disappoint the intention of the said Testator in the making of the said Will." Brady's widow, Catharine Brady, insists that she have "her Common Law Right of Dower." They also fear that "an attempt will be made to set aside the sale of the said negroes," who have been purchased by Catharine Brady. Unwilling "to assume the duty of determining such grave and doubtful questions of Law," McDonald and Roddy ask the court for direction in proceeding with their executorial duties.

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