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A. Foster urges the court to require the commissioners of the poor to care for a helpless ninety-year-old female slave named Tenor. He reveals that Tenor "has had no owner in this State for about fifteen years her Master R Stack having left the State insolvent when she was unable to do anything for her support." Foster recounts that his father found Tenor "in the road" near the family homestead several years ago and that his parents fed, clothed, and provided for the elderly woman up until their deaths. Asserting that "a strong presentation of her case" was made to the commissioners of the poor, he reports that Tenor "was actually delivered to the Keeper of the paupers;" however, "the commissioners have rejected her case & turned her off -- to perish unless some friendly hand will care for her & feed her." The petitioner therefore prays that the commissioners of the poor "may be required to take charge of her as a pauper."

Result: Granted.

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