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Thomas Watson asks that James H. Williams, the administrator of the estate of John Watson, be compelled "to come to an accounting with your Orator" of the money that he was owed by his late father. He cites that his father sold him "his whole estate real and personal consisting in part" of 115 acres of land and 16 slaves for $10,000 in 1845. He states that he gave his father two $5000-notes, one "payable five years after the date thereof" and the other due in ten years. He further avows that the said John Watson "was embarrassed with large debts" at the time of his said purchase and that his father faced several judgments. He asserts that he made an agreement with said creditors, whereby he "paid off all the said executions and a large amount of other demands against the said John Watson" and that his father agreed that he "should receive credit on the said notes given ... for the purchase money for all payments made by him to said Executions" as well as one fourth of the cotton crop for his services "in the capacity of overseer." Noting that his father died in 1849, Watson argues that his father's administrator "has failed to give your orator credit for said payments according to the terms of their agreement before his death" and "refuses to pay to your orator the said sums which ... John Watson was indebted to your orator." He prays that said Williams be compelled to pay the said money owed or to credit the same on his notes.

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