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Frederick A. Ford, "Deputy Escheator," petitions to seize and sell the estate of Jubah Warren, a free woman of color. Under a 1799 act, Ford asserts that the property should be sold “on behalf of the City Council of Charleston for the use of the Orphan House.” Warren died in 1849 leaving an estate that includes a tract of land and nineteen slaves. Her will directed that the wages of her “servants” be set aside to purchase a “maid servant” for Elizabeth Melrose Whiting. After the purchase of Whiting’s servant, Warren’s three sisters, Diana, Nag and Ceily, would receive “support out of the wages.” Upon the death of her sisters, Warren declared that the slaves be freed. Ford maintains that Warren’s sisters are actually slaves and are therefore incapable of receiving their support from the wages of her slaves. He argues that the entire estate, with the exception of Whiting’s legacy, is liable to escheat. Ford asks that Dr. Edward Whiting, the executor of the estate, and Elizabeth Whiting be summoned in order to receive an account of the property and wages earned. After paying the debts and funeral expenses, Ford asks that the remainder of the estate be paid to him as the Deputy Escheater for the use of the Orphan House.

Result: Amended.

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